CIAK Questions, and Answers.

 What is the CIAK?

The CIAK, or Confederation of Independent Asatru Kindreds, inc.,
is a non-profit religious organisation, incorporated in Alabama,
for the furthering of our Asatru community, and to teach others
outside our faith about the ancient, but ever-changing religion
of our Northern European ancestors.

Are you devil-worshippers?

NO! We do not have the same religious beliefs as the Christians,
hence we do not even believe in the "Devil".

I notice that you say it is of Northern European ancestry,
are you a racist group?

No, quite the contrary. No more than saying "Kiss me, I'm Irish"
on St. Patty's day. We are simply proud of our ancestry, and 
feel the Old Religion of our ancestors, is like a part of us,
that has been buried deep inside, and is just now starting to
reassert it's self. We have no problem taking members of
other races into our organisation, as long as they have an honest
desire to follow the ways of our Gods, and Goddesses, and
get along well with the other members. In short, the same
as everyone else.  
 I'm in the "Circle of Elders", and I have been married to a 
Latina, and have dated several women outside my race,
Black, Hispanic, Piute, Shoshone, Polynesian, etc.
 Does that
answer your Question?

 OK, but what about Gays? Do you guys allow Gays in your 

Sure, as long as they have an honest desire to follow the ways
of the Gods, and Goddesses, and get along well with the other members,
once again, just like everyone else.

OK, I heard you guys were Nazis, what about that??!!

 Well, your liable to hear a lot of stuff about us, and 
that is what this Q&A session is for, to let people know 
the truth.
 We are not Nazi, in fact we detest sociallism of any form,
National Sociallism (nazi), or Marxism-Communism-Liberal-sociallism,
to us are all contrary to the Freedom that our country was
founded on, but is being slowly stripped away by these
self-rightious Hitler/Stalin wannabes.
 THAT is probably where the root of the name-calling came
from. The sociallists simply want us to go away, and have
no problem making up, and spreading lies, and accusations,
many so vague, as to be unanswerable.

 SigTyr Brynwulf
Circle of Elders
Confederation of Independent Asatru Kindreds, inc.