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New Horizons To Explore

Our constant yearning for distant horizons, our natural need to explore... We may soon get to visit those stars, that our ancestors used to guide their journeys on Midguard. We are forever reaching out to those stars, and may in the next century, be able to reach them, as we are learning more, and more all the time. Not only about the Stars, and the Planets, but also new propulsion technologies that will someday put us there. The Hubble Space Telescope, has been a phenomenal success, in the expansion of our knowledge of the Heavens. I will be posting News Items, and Links here on occasion, so that our people can follow these recent developments. Like our Viking ancestors, we strive for new adventures. I believe this is it. An unlimited Frontier.

Vikings In Space?

Can you imagine Asatru Warriors in Space? I think of "Vikings", when I see those Klingons. Honor, Loyalty, the Warrior Ideals. There are very few places left on Midgard, where we can colonize, and live as our ancestors did. Perhaps the answer lies...Out There?

Space Exploration Updates

China to launch manned spacecraft: Western experts predict 2002