A Little Bit About Me........

Hi, I'm SigTyr. I took my name from the Old Norse (Viking) Runes Sowilo, for power, and Victory in Battle, and Tyr, the Supreme Sky God. God of Brotherhood in War, Self-Sacrifice for Comrades, and Justice (Rightious Vengence). Yes, I know that Sigtyr, is a kenning for the Allfather. Notice that I capitalized the "T", to put emphesis on Tyr. I have been using this name for quite a while now, and the Allfather does'nt seem to mind. I believe in this way, I can honor the Allfather, and my patron, Tyr.

I live with my wife Lisa, and my two beautiful children Eric Hartmann, and Brianna Elaine. I have a pet Wolf named "Odin", and a Wolf-hybrid cub "Daisy", and a Siamese cat, named "Samantha". Lisa's got a Chihuahua named "Bruiser"

I really like the Martial Arts, and have trained in Yoshukai Karate (U.S.Yoshukai Karate '91-'93) and Jeet Kune Do ( SDS Jeet Kune Do Association '95-96', also attended a couple of Lamar Davis' classes). I've also trained in Comtech Knifecraft ( Riddle of Steel-South '95), and Defensive Threat Management, Handgun Self-Defense classes ('95). I have "retired" from wrestling at Chris Mize's SHOOTWRESTLING (Shootwrestling USA '98-2000). My son Eric is becoming an accomplished Martial Artist as well. He has a Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do (Craig Kollar's TKD plus) He is also on his junior High Wrestling team. Other than that, I love anything outdoors, Camping, Hiking, Paintball ,Fishing, and especially....SAILING!!!


Adamsville, AL
United States

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