Warrior Guild Training

After much interest from those wishing to join our Warrior Guild, I have decided to post some Training Guidelines , and instructional material list for those wishing to join, or are simply interested in our Warrior Guild. The Warrior Guild's responsibility is to provide security to our Kindreds, and families, should we come under attack by those wishing to disrupt our ceremonies, and cause us bodily harm. This is a very real possibility, as has been attempted recently here in Alabama, as well as at various other Heathen-Pagan events across the country. With various court judges, and politicians openly preaching of "wiping out Paganism", I feel we must be prepared to protect our families, and children from those made bold by this rhetoric.

The Self-Defense training will be based upon Shootwrestling/fighting and Jeet Kune Do. There will also be various other self-defense schools, and classes that will be drawn upon , as well as some Wilderness Survival Training, to make it fun.

For those that cannot complete this training, but have other skills valuable to the protection of our Kindreds, contact me, and let me know. Computer programming skills, legal skills, and various other skills are also needed.


Warrior Booklet

Two books that have had a strong influence on my life, are, The Havamal.... and The Code of The Warrior, by Yuzan Diadoji. I am currently working on a small booklet, that will include these great Warrior Guides for living the Warrior Life, into a small booklet that can be carried with the Warrior always. It will not be either of those books, just a guide to living an honorable life, as a Warrior.


For Those Wishing to Become Warriors

The training of the solitary Warrior, is neverending. My approach, has been to seek out those that I consider to be the best, or at least among the best, and train with them. First, let us define a "Warrior". According to my old Webster's, :n, a soldier, a fighter. fight:v.i. and v.t.(p.p., and p.t. fought, pr.p. fighting) To contend with blows of the fists, or weapons; to oppose in order to defeat, or destroy; to war against,as to fight an enemy; to gain by fighting, as to fight one's way. That is indeed one definition, perhaps to a warrior, VERY over- simplified. The True difinition, can only be felt, it is not truly translatable to mere paper, or words!

My definition, would be: Protector, of the Family, Kindred, and those that cannot protect themselves, (ie., the elderly, handicapped, children) Notice that I did'nt say "the weak". Those that choose to remain weak, I will not concern myself with. I was weak, and chose not to be. It is the lazy, that wish to stay weak, when they can choose not to be.

For a clue into this profound transformation to the mind, and indeed the soul, i would suggest bonding with those of that are "Warriors". I would start by learning, reading, as much as i could on the Warrior traditions of the "Vikings", Knights, Samurai, and the "North American Indian", or Native American, for the PC crowd. After you are pretty knowledgable about the nature of Warrior things, and things "Warrior", you should take a serious look at how you could become the best you can be, within all legal limits. For me, this is where I started seeking out the BEST, in the warrior arts, as they applied to my situation. In all the knife, and knifefighting publications, that I have seen, I have seen Jim Keating of Comtech....Therefore, I went to the first "Riddle of Steel-South", in Little Rock, Ark. in '95, to train with the best.....

After watching Shootwrestlers dominate the "No-Holds-Barred", all-martial-arts events, I decided that I should train with a man that trains Champions, Chris Mize, of Shootwrestling USA.


If the BEST, is unavailable to you, you should find the best available in your area. Skills that i consider invaluable, are: Hand to Hand Combat: I consider Jeet Kune Do, the best stand-up art, I consider Shootwrestling,(Jujitsu, wrestling, judo,shootfighting) to be the best groundfighting. Knifefighting: I consider COMTECH to be the best, with the Gunsite program, being worth looking into. Gunfighting: I consider Gunsite to be the best, with Thunder Ranch, right even. Wilderness Survival Skills: Ron Hood, of Hood's Woods, is the best i've found. Also, some of the most affordable.

I can only hope that this stirs that primal part of your soul, that is even now screaming out, FREE ME! By Tyr's Left Hand!!! SigTyr


The Havamal-Odin
Code Of The Warrior- Yuzan Diadoji
The Art of War- Sun Tsu
A Book of Five Rings- Myamoto Mushashi
Tao of Jeet Kune Do- Bruce Lee
Toughness Training For Sports-James Loehr
Psyco-Cybernetics-Maxwell Maltz PHD
Get Tough-Tom Fitzgerald
Teach Yourself Judo-Teach Yourself Books
Legendary Abs II-Health For Life

Hardcore Submission Fighting- Nick Starks
Street Safe I&II - Pual Vunak

Secrets of Modern Professional Warrior,Unarmed & Fearless-
Secrets of Modern Professional Warriors,Seal Team Unarmed 
Combat Course- Frank Cucci (TRS)
Beginning Knife- Comtech
Weaponcraft Kata-Defensive Handgun- Van Keller
Fighting with Firearms- Andy Stanford
Tactical Aerobics-Tim & Rebecca Powers
ALL ULTIMATE FIGHTING TAPES, or any reality-based Fighting 
The Woodsmaster-Wilderness Skills Series (Ron Hood) EXCELLENT!!!!
Stadion Gold Medal Mental Conditioning For Combat 
Killer Instinct- Paul Vunak


COMTECH: The Best in Knife Fighting!!!
GUNSITE: The Best in Gun Fighting!!!
Paul Vunak's Progressive Fighting System: The Best in Jeet Kune Do Streetfighting!!!
Paladin Press: Books for WARRIORS
Lindsay Publications: Learn to Build a Metalworking Shop From Scratch!!!
Warrior Guild Training: Phase 1
J & G Sales: Surplus Ammo, guns, accessories.........
Campmor: Freeze-Dried Foods, and Camping Supplies
AJAX: Survival Stuff- MRE foods, weapons accessories
Tapco: Surplus, ammo, Nightvision, MREs, etc.
SHOTGUN NEWS: Subscribe- You can get it all here!!!